Hi, I’m Dan Kent

I am a Consultant, Business Coach, and Mentor. I take it seriously enough to know not to take it too seriously. Because this thing you're doing?.... I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be an added value to your life. Let's make sure it is today, and that it will be tomorrow as well. 

You will get there. You will achieve the things others can't because you will do the things others won't.

Want to know what we will do, and how we will do it?

For starters, I strongly recommend you review some of the free tools from EMyth first. Make sure what you need fits with what we do.

There's no simple explanation, or even a simple decision -- so I suggest you do some homework first.

When you feel like you've had enough of the overwhelm, frustration, or failure to thrive, drop me a line, and let's set up a time for a real conversation. I'm excited to hear from you! We've got some work to do.

(No, for the initial consultation, you're not on the clock!) 😉

So let's go.